Code of Conduct

Art in the Park aims to provide a safe, supportive and positive working environment for all, based on collaboration and mutual respect. It is the right of everyone working with Art in the Park, including freelance artists, trustees, assistants, volunteers and participants of art workshops to work without fear of bullying or harassment. 

Art in the Park is committed to providing an environment in which all individuals can work effectively. It is the duty of all individuals to treat their peers and colleagues with dignity and respect and to conduct working relationships in a manner that is courteous and professional at all times.

Art in the Park is opposed to harassment and bullying in every form. Everyone working or attending sessions with Art in the Park is responsible for their own behaviour in this regard. Any threatening, aggressive or bullying behaviour, as well as any harassment, unwanted sexual attention or behaviour, may result in a suspension from activities whilst an investigation is carried out by senior artists and trustees. 

If a complaint is brought to the attention of senior artists and trustees, it will be investigated and appropriate action taken wherever warranted. This applies to both complaints against artists, trustees, volunteers and others who work with Art in the Park in any capacity, and members of the public who are visitors or participants to any of Art in the Park’s activities.

This policy applies to all those who work with Art in the Park in both paid and voluntary capacities. It applies both at the Art in the Park studio in Chumleigh Gardens and in other work-related settings, for example at public events taking place offsite, and at venues where Art in the Park is running outreach activities with groups.

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