Wrapping William IV

Art in the Park was commissioned by Creation Trust to ‘wrap’ the derelict William 4th pub, before it was demolished in 2008 and replaced with a youth facility. Arctic camouflage was used to wrap the pub and “Enchanted Forest” theme artwork, developed in workshops with local school children, was attached to the hoardings surrounding the building.

Artist William Hudson, the project’s coordinator explains,

“The Arctic Camouflage highlights the details of a disused building that was one of the last pubs near Burgess Park. Usually Camouflage is used to hide or conceal something but Art in the Park is hoping to draw attention to a building which people would usually blank out because of its dilapidated state.”

The result transformed a derelict building into a local talking point. Artist and education workshop coordinator Andrea Sinclair, said,

“We are reminding passers-by of its location in a rare green oasis in this part of London and giving a suggestion of its green and environmentally aware future.”

William IV

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Wrapping William IV
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