The Doctor’s Shop

A community herbalist shop captured in word and image.

This event took place on Thu 06 – Sun 09 March at the Trust Museum, North Street, St Andrews, Scotland as part of the 2014 ‘Stanza Poetry Festival’

This collaboration between community artist Andrea Sinclair and poet Jenny Elliott was first exhibited in London in 2013 as part of The Roots project, which tells the story of Baldwin’s the Herbalist (est. 1844) through the rich and fascinating memories of loyal staff and local people. These stories take us through the streets of South London, to the Caribbean, and to countries in Asia and Africa where the use of herbal remedies has been established in communities for generations. They tell of relationships between people and herbs and of the sharing of knowledge and wisdom and of the healing made possible as a result of links with distant countries.

Andrea’ s photographs and Jenny’s poems come together in The Doctor Shop to deliver the stories of Jamaican born Lorna Lucas, a regular customer at Baldwin’s since the sixties, and Jane Castro, a manager and long term Baldwin’s employee. Listen to the oral histories of this customer and employee and contemplate the words and artwork which Jenny and Andrea have been inspired to create in response to them.

doctors shop

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