Selected Quotes from evaluation of various workshops within ACE project

What did you like about the workshops?

Older adults Drawing Club

“Freedom of expression and imagination”

“Sitting in the sun relaxing, really listening to sounds, transferring that into colours and shapes.”

“Great location, interesting and unusual project. Lovely friends untied after a long time.Peaceful therapeutic work”

“All the artists are very kind and helpful. The place is very beautiful and quiet. The method of painting is very unique”

Well, it is different, because I have never painted with a long stick before. I found it very interesting and fun, thank you.”

“Its been like finding treasure! Very welcoming and relaxed atmosphere. Gentle but stimulating, in mark-making, painting and conversation.”

“It is very interesting to draw while dancing. We had a good time together. Thank the teacher for everything they did for us!”

“I loved every minute, it was very therapeutic. The teachers/artists on hand to provide guidance when needed. I received helpful advice which enabled me to proceed without over-thinking the process.”

“Liked the novelty of the chalk-on-a-stick with music exercise, and similar in our books. Quite therapeutic!”

“Very experimental or mental? Great fun!”

“Loved this session. Very relaxing. I completely switched off and everyone seemed absorbed. Really nice way to use Chumleigh Gardens.”

“Exciting, experimental and expressionistic.”

Older Adults Textile Class

“Everything! I arrived late yet within a minute I had a space and was involved in the process. The atmosphere is welcoming and inspiring. The time flies by – and there’s a result at the end. Thank you! “

Older Adults Photography Class

“Loved, loved, loved the project, could be longer. Wish I had my own camera. Until then…

Can’t wait to learn how to take amazing photos with my camera.  I may not be able to come every session but I will try, as I love to be among such a beautiful group of people.”

“I loved Kew – amazing flowers. Also Burgess Park was a fabulous location. I had fun and learnt lots. I would love to come back so looking forward to wreath-making!”

“I liked the enthusiasm of the organiser and the brilliant locations”

“Creative, fun, sociable. Learn something new and what a buzz!”

“Everything, great fun”

“I wasn’t sure about doing the photography because I didn’t know anyone but I found that everyone was really friendly and welcoming. They asked me my name and introduced me to people taking part. I found everyone helpful and I would like to come back again soon.”

“Very good project. Enjoyed it immensely. Looking forward to the next one.”

“Friendly, cohesive group. Supportive of each other.”

“Fantastic day, beautiful garden. See it on WoodWideWeb!”