LAC 2014 Exhibition at Sant Boi Museum, Barcelona


ART IN THE PARK & FRIENDS – LAC14 SANT BOI from Andreu Ausiró Omari on Vimeo.

Art in the Park artists WM Hudson and Andrea Sinclair were invited to take part in the LAC 2014 exhibition at Sant Boi Museum, Barcelona. This is an annual exhibition of work by established community artists from several European countries who exhibit a combination of personal and group work in the varied spaces and sites of the Sant Boi Museum, Barcelona. The theme of the exhibition this year was ‘Baroque’.

Bill created freestanding 3D sculptures inspired by his knowledge of formal Baroque gardens and created from recycled plastic. With his use of stag imagery, he also linked in to Andrea’s artwork, which was a collaboration with Scottish poet, Jenny Elliott, and mentioned the Baroque belief in the tears of a deer being a magical remedy. They were inspired by the belief in the ‘Four Humours’, of blood, phlegm and yellow & black bile as indication of health and a system of medicine detailing the makeup and workings of the human body. This posited that an excess or deficiency of any of four distinct bodily fluids in a person – known as humours – directly influences their temperament and health. Blood letting arose from this.This belief had originated in the classical Greek period and held sway until the Baroque, when modern medicine and science started to emerge. Andrea made painted fabric hangings in response to Jenny’s poem “The Last Sorcerers”, which was translated into Catalan. They exhibited in the ‘Roman Baths’ site of the Museum, a wonderful space for their artwork, and very appropriate as much reference was made on the information panels to the Roman belief in the Four Humours.

Exhibiting with them in the space were their Spanish colleagues Ana Novella and Anna Claret, both wonderful painters from Barcelona, who had made large scale work suitable for the site. Ana’s style uses vibrant and jewel-like colours and makes much reference to the various Baroque landmarks of Barcelona. Anna’s work took details from previous paintings, enlarged them greatly and painted over them to make reference to the typical statues of that are found in Baroque churches.

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Saint Boi Exhibition
Artwork from Sant Boi Exhibition