Springtime Art and Gardening at Rose Court Care Home, Rotherhithe

We have a long relationship with Rose Court Care Home in Rotherhithe, having run art projects here for the last 10 years. Most recently we have been running 6 weeks of art and garden-related activities funded by Southwark Charities.
Rose Court has a beautiful garden and we have run gardening projects there before and also created a beautiful wall mural with residents of the home helped by participants from nearby Bede House, who support young adults with learning difficulties.
As the weather this Spring has been unseasonably and constantly cold, our garden-related activities have been mostly indoors, and have included lots of seed planting and also making ‘Insect hotels’ to install in the garden to provide shelter and encouragement for a variety of their local wildlife. The ‘Insect Hotels are made out of recycled tins and lots of natural materials.

Participants enjoyed learning about camouflage in the natural world and about the different kinds of insects that their hotels would attract and painting them in suitable colours and patterns. We have also enjoyed making a large collaborative drawing, inspired by the legends of the 'Green Man’; beings who are part human, part plant. Our group enjoyed learning about and looking at images of historical green men in church carvings and have been enthusiastic in interpreting these themes with a variety of good quality art materials on a large roll of paper. People enjoy working working together and it is very friendly and sociable and the staff assist this by supporting us and providing refreshments. The finished artwork, the large collaborative drawing, will be mounted in the main lounge area, to brighten it up and for every resident to enjoy. Once the weather improves most residents will be using the garden and can enjoy the plants we've sown and spotting the 'Insect Hotels' around the garden.

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Saturdays @ Art in The Park

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