Out and About Springtime with Art in the Park

This project for our regular older artists group is an ongoing project of art activities, including workshop sessions in the studio and outings to local art galleries. It is currently funded by Southwark Charities.

Recently we received free tickets from the Tate Modern to visit the fantastic Magdalena Abakanowicz weaving exhibition which all our participants loved and which has since inspired us to develop textile art within the group, which is always very popular. We also had a trip to Two Temple Place which was recommended by one of the group but unknown by the others and is a fascinating historical building and local venue. As one of our Art in the Park artists works at the Whitechapel Gallery that is going to be our next outing – in particular to visit the ‘House of Le Bas’ exhibition which ties in with our interest in textile art and art that tells stories.

Older peoples group on a tour at the South London Gallery

In our studio sessions we also did some textile collage, copper embossing inspired by metalwork from around the world, and postcard and concertina artwork inspired by the Lebanese artist Etel Adnan and leaf printing.

Saturdays at ART in the Park

Saturdays @ Art in The Park

Easter Art Workshops


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