Chumleigh Drawing Group

For over fifties or for younger adults with health issues

Join us at our studio in Burgess Park for art sessions on Mondays 1-3pm

We provide a range of activities including textiles, printing, drawing, sculpture and many more. The sessions are very relaxed and welcoming with refreshments provided, all abilities are welcome! We also go on trips to art galleries so you might want to check with us if we will be at the studio before you come.

If you would like more information you can email or contact 07966435649/ 07791367217

Saturdays @ Art in The Park

Easter Art Workshops


Aspinden Nature Garden Nature Boards with Bede House Association

We ran a 10 week project working with Bede participants to create artworks inspired by the Aspinden Nature Garden. With the participants we then created large hand painted boards using their artworks which are displayed on the gates to the nature garden.

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