The Story of Prince Lee Boo

Thanks to funding from United St Saviours, we are working with residents of Rose Court Care Home in Rotherhithe to explore the story and heritage of Prince Lee Boo. Prince Lee Boo was from Palau, an island in the Pacific where a captain from Rotherhithe was shipwrecked. We have been looking at his unlikely and sad history and exploring the island environment through research and the use of different art techniques. Prince Lee Boo has a grand tombstone and memorial in the church of St Mary’s Rotherhithe.

Join us on Tuesday March 13th from 11am-12.30pm at Rose Court Care Home, SE8 5ND to find out what we learnt about Prince Lee Boo, an interesting historical figure associated with Rotherhithe and see how we explored that through artwork. Refreshments provided.

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Art in the Park - Prince Lee Boo web

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