Art in the Park’s history of public artwork, courses and creative events have been made possible by the artists of Art in the Park. Here you can find links to their individual websites and artworks, as well as news of their current projects.

William Hudson

William Hudson

William Hudson is a senior artist at Art in the Park. He has worked on many of our community and public art for parks and gardens as well as other commissioned work.

Tim Norris


Tim Norris is an artist specialising in woodwork and large scale sculptural furniture. Tim has worked on many projects and community artwork with Art in the Park.

Andrea Sinclair


Andrea Sinclair is a co-founder and resident artist at Art in the Park, working in various media including copper embossing and etching, pewter casting and textiles.

Other Artists

Alexis Johnson
Jackie Brown

Nam Tran


Nam Tran is a contemporary ceramist/potter in London. Nam has worked on a number of events with Art in the Park and runs pottery classes for adults and children from the studio.

Jane Higginbottom


Jane Higginbottom is an artist working in various media including sculpture, painting and photography. Jane is currently studying for an MA at Camberwell/Chelsea.