Hive Campaign workshop details

We aim to provide the following workshops free online once we reach our Spacehive campaign
For young people:
  1.  Drawing session in response to Elephant Park
  2.  Drawing session in response to Burgess Park
  3.  Drawing sessions in response to Peckham Rye parks
  4.  DIY Printmaking
  5.  Paper flower making
  6.  Drawing from objects around the house
  7.  Collaged bookmark making
  8.  Imagined animal drawing
  9.  Paper mobile making
  10.  Nature themed collaging
For older people:
  1. Mindfulness through Art
  2. collage – using household materials
  3. texture drawing – around the house
  4. using reflections in art
  5. Drawing your mind maps
  6. making tiny storage or gift boxes from used cards
  7. Sashiko- learn something creative ways to darn favourite items of clothes
  8. Finger knitting and what can be made from it
  9. simple quilt-making using your favourite old clothes
  10. Mexican tin art embossing, using recycled aluminium food containers