Hello and goodbye


This is a kind of introduction and farewell post at the same time as I never really said hello. I’ve been doing work experience at Art in the Park this week, so have been helping to manage and create various posts for this blog, trying to help publicise the great work that the artists do here. All the posts this week have been written by me, though there are fewer than intended due to my ill health keeping me from the studio for part of the week. I sat in on the workshops on Monday and wrote the posts about them from watching what was going on, which is why there is young man in a bowler hat in a couple of the photos. It has been an interesting experience working with the creative minds here, though their art differs to the kind I create (I write stories and poetry). My name is Rowan Appleton-Wickens, I’m a 17 year-old amateur author from Herne Hill and it’s been a pleasure.

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  1. Jane Higginbottom Says:

    Thanks Rowan. Nice work. Come back and do some more blogs for us if you have any spare time over the Summer.

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