Frances Wright

Brought up in a rural farmhouse in the fields of Norfolk, Frances came to London and completed her degree in Ceramics at Camberwell in June 2012.

Frances works mainly with porcelain because of its purity and the vibrancy it has when glaze is applied. She also has a strong attraction to glass, it’s glossiness and transparency. Frances’ works are heavily inspired by the landscape and nature. Incredibly intrigued by wood ash glazes and how nature can be infused and preserved into her pieces she collects natural objects, using these as triggers to create new work. She really enjoys sharing her ceramic knowledge through teaching pottery.

Having gained much teaching and technical experience during her year after graduating in London, Frances has returned to Norfolk to develop new work and continue teaching.

Selected Work with Art in the Park

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Frances Wright Plant in Resin

Frances Wright Fired Plant

Frances Wright Ceramic Brooch

Frances Wright Ceramics

Frances Wright Ceramics

Frances Wright Ceramics