Drawing of the Week

Art in the Park artist William M. Hudson is currently exhibiting at Harrow Arts Centre in his new exhibition #drawingoftheweek.

William Hudson spent the last year working in small sketch books as he travelled around London, England, Galicia in Spain and Scotland, using various modes of transport from London bus/tube, train, sleeper train, canal boat and plane. These drawings were a way to let his mind wonder. Free-drawing for him is a form of contemplating and mediating, sometimes as a way to escape the busy commute, other times to rejoice in the pleasure of travelling.

William worked in seven sketch books, producing 210 drawing. 52 drawings were picked as #drawingoftheweek and posted on twitter and facebook. In this show he will be exhibiting prints and sculpture works inspired by the 52 drawings.

The parameters he set for the #drawingoftheweek project were:

  • Post one drawing every week of a year on Twitter and Facebook.
  • Once a drawing has been started, it must be finished.
  • Record and date where the drawing was started and finished.
  • Start each drawing by trying to blank out everything around me and see what marks are first to be made.
  • Don’t have any preconceived ideas of how to finish a drawing; just keep drawing, until it feels finished.

This exhibition will run until Sunday June 2nd. Find out more about this exhibition here.
See more of William M. Hudson’s work and #drawingoftheweeks here.

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