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All successful companies need innovation, creativity, and ingenuity. We believe that everyone has tremendous creative capacities, but they can lay a bit dormant and many people don’t think they are creative. Our activities for work-teams are all about inspiring people in a fun way. Reminding them that creativity can be a function of everything we do.

Art in the Park has organised creative team-building days for many different work-teams over the years. These include: Sky Broadcasting, Kings College Midwifery Dept, Victim Support, Moodys Investment Services and most recently solicitors Thomson Reuters.

These sessions are tailor-made for the group and we are flexible as to content and size of team. This can vary from quite intimate groups in our studio, such as solicitors Thomson Reuters celebrating a move to new offices, to the entire European work-force of Moodys Investment Services, taking place over several days in a West London hotel.

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Please contact Andrea Sinclair or Bill Hudson for further information.

What you can get out of it

A big part of being creative is looking for new ways of doing things within whatever activity you’re involved in. By working in teams we aim to remind participants that most creative processes benefit enormously from collaboration and from the stimulation of other people’s ideas. Our team of artists are all skilled in a variety of materials and techniques and practiced at encouraging and facilitating groups to realise their ideas.

team building exercise with moody's

By placing firm guidelines and restrictions of materials, we aim that participants will learn by doing, that creativity is a disciplined process that requires critical thinking combined with imagination and inspiration. The element of competitiveness adds a bit of spice to the proceedings. Finally, we make a point of activities that use a lot of space. Getting people to move about, for those used to sitting while working and even just working with different people than usual, creates a new dynamic, which can free up thinking, and make them value diversity of opinion.