Current and Recent Events

Marking Places

Marking Places is our creative project funded by the Big Lottery Awards For All fund. We have been working with the community to create some commemorative markers for heritage sites in Burgess Park. Join us on Tuesday November 7th for the unveiling of the three markers.

Zeppelin 1917 exhibition and workshops

Almost one hundred years ago, on October 19 1917, a Zeppelin bomb landed in Calmington Road. The Friends of Burgess Park project “Zeppelin 1917” will uncover the stories of local heroes and piece together the dramatic raid right over what is now Burgess Park.

Open Studio

Join us on 12-4pm Saturday December 2nd – Sunday December 3rd for our Open Studios. See our artists’ work and the space where they practice, browse our stalls selling artworks and plants and take part in a drop-in terrarium making workshop!

Wreath Making – Saturday December 9th!

Join us in the Art in the Park studios on Saturday December 9th for an afternoon of wreath making. This workshop is absolutely free and open to all ages.

Place to Remember

A heritage art project funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund about the history of four local buildings in Walworth and Camberwell.

IMG_71503artwork2Art Workshop Art in the Park 2015

4 Corners

The 4 Corners group meets to work on various creative projects that keep people active, connected and creative. Sessions are usually for people who are over 50, but we also welcome people of different ages getting involved.

Past Projects and Events

Take a look at some of our previous workshops and events.

Weekly Classes and Drop-In Workshops

If you would like to attend one of these classes or arrange a drop-in workshop with our ceramicist Nam Tran please contact him at to arrange a date and time.

Class Time Price
Children’s Pottery Class                                                    Saturdays  11am-5pm £10 per hour
Adult Pottery Class                                                    Saturdays  5pm-7pm £25 per class


drop in ceramics