Pottery Class Creations

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Some of the wonderful creations made in Nam Tram’s adult pottery classes!






Feeling inspired? Get making! Every Friday and Saturday in the studio.

Cycling Choir Map – Find Your London

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Place To Remember

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We’re delighted to have received Heritage Lottery Funding for our Place To Remember project. The project will explore the heritage of four local buildings in Camberwell and Walworth, through oral histories, archive material, walks, talks and art workshops.

Book for our free Oral History and Digital Recording training on Friday 12th and Friday 19th June from 12-5pm at English Martyrs Hall. Register at studio@artinthepark.co.uk and for our fabulous From Martyrs to Modernism Talk and Walk on Tuesday 14th July with Stephen Humhrey and Anna Ludwig, from 1-4.30pm.

JPG Place to Remember

Our Exhibition in Sant Boi, Barcelona

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Some photos from our Andrea Sinclair and William Hudon’s recent exhibition in Sant Boi in Barcelona. Find out more about the exhibition and their artworks here!

Artwork from Sant Boi Exhibition

Artwork from Sant Boi Exhibition

Artwork from Sant Boi Exhibition

Artwork from Sant Boi Exhibition

Artwork from Sant Boi Exhibition

Artwork from Sant Boi Exhibition

Artwork from Sant Boi Exhibition

And here is Jenny’s poem, which Andrea’s artwork was based upon –

Imperfect Pearl

The last sorcerers

with earth air fire and water

sought to understand

the nature of life

blood phlegm black and yellow bile

four temperaments

humours to balance

through their waxing and waning

seasons of disease

heart liver spleen brain

spring summer autumn winter

how warm moist cold dry

sanguine choleric

melancholic phlegmatic

how hungry for change

feed them bleed them purge

make them take herbs drink potions

catch tears of a deer

the last sorcerers

understood that the four were

just the beginning

4 Corners Elephant and Nun Project

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4 Corners group recently took part in the Elephant and Nun festival where they showed work made in response to photographs of the Elephant and Castle and Walworth area. (You can see some of their preparations here – artinthepark.co.uk/four-corners-groups-new-project).

The group are currently on a break and will be starting again, with classes every other Monday, in the New Year.

4 corners project 1

4 corners project 2

4 corners project 3

4 corners project 4

Teambuilding With Moodys

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Last Tuesday, Art in the Park worked with employers from Moodys by holding a teambuilding exercise at the Lensbury Hotel in Teddington. People were divided into groups of 13 and given 1 hour and a half to create a iconic European building. Each 14 groups were amongst 5 rooms holding at least 2 professional artists to work with and advise the teams. The challenge was made competitive with Art in the Park bags containing bars of local chocolate from South London’s Melange as prizes.




st pauls



There were some impressive structures made and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. Thanks to everyone involved.

Open Squares Art Trail

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A few photos from our art trail around Chumleigh Gardens as part of the Open Squares weekend back in June.

Bill Hudson's work from art trail
By William Hudson

Jane Higginbottom's work from art trail
By Jane Higginbottom

Andrea Sinclair's work from art trail

Andrea Sinclair's work from art trail
By Andrea Sinclair

Screen Printing at Chumleigh (Open) Garden

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As promised, we have some photos of the Open Garden screen printing workshop to share with you!

As part of Chumleigh Garden’s Open Square Weekend of activities we ran a screen printing workshop across the weekend. We had some lovely weather and some even lovlier (and rather talented) screen printers – it was a great weekend!





Screen Printing


Thank you to all our volunteers and everyone who worked so hard to make the weekend a great success.

Open Studio

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A few weekends ago we took part in London’s Open Garden Squares Weekend on June 8th-9th – with an Open Studio!

As well as an art trail around the beautiful Chumleigh Gardens and a screen printing workshops (more lovely photos of these to come soon….) we opened up our studio to the public and filled it with some recent work by our artists.

Open Studio

Walling Hanging

Baby Sketch


Wood cutting

Ink flowers

Structure sketchs

Paper impressions

Metal wall sculptures

And stay tuned for more blog posts and gorgeous photographs of some of the other things we were up to that weekend!

Getting Creative at the May Fair

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We had such a wonderful time this weekend at Burgess Park May Fair. Take a look below at some of the highlights of the day!

May Fair Poster

Screen Printing

Art in the Park artists Andrea Sinclair and William Hudson ran a screen printing workshop where people could print their own designs onto our bags.

Art in the Pak Bag

Trustee Amanda Jackson modelling one of our May Fair bags

Drawing Designs

Monster Drawing

Cutting out letters and shapes (and monsters!) to be printed.

Screen Printing

Screen Printing

A freshly printed bag is revealed!

Brick Making

Artists Francis Wright and Simon Veis also ran a brick making workshop.

Brick Making

Brick Making

Brick Making

Adults and children made their own patterns in the bricks and embedded seeds into them.


Thanks to everyone who took part in our brick making and screen printing workshops – what a lot of creative and talented people!!