Burgess May Fair…. A Sneak Peek!

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Only one more day to go until Burgess Park May Fair 2013!!!

There’ll be lots going on in and around our studio, including Flow Art Art Trail….
Come and find our temporary art trail located along one of the pretty new woodland walks in Burgess Park.

Working with groups from Unwin Well London Delivery Team and Divine Rescue, artists from Art in the Park have made small sculptures from unfired clay with seeds of native woodland plants embedded into them. Plants such as red campion, wild garlic, meadowsweet and nettle-leaved bellfower.

The ‘seed-bomb’ sculptures are in the form of variously shaped bottles and containers, referring to the ceramics and lemonade bottle industries and factories which once existed here, where there is now parkland.

Flow Art Installation Map

Spot these collections of small sculptures installed around the trees in a couple of clearings in the woodland. They won’t last as such for long. With the weathering of rain, wind and sun the clay will slowly sink into the ground and the seeds will grow.

Project participants have also created silk-screen prints on paper, cotton bags (with the design above!) and cards, relating to the theme, which will be sold during the Mayfair.

May Fair 2013 Poster

And there’ll be lots more to see and do in our studio and all over the park. Hope to see you there!!



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