Pottery Class Creations

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Some of the wonderful creations made in Nam Tram’s adult pottery classes!






Feeling inspired? Get making! Every Friday and Saturday in the studio.

Bird Boxes


William Hudson has been making sculptural bird box maquettes for Walworth Garden Farm.

bird box



Drawing of the Week

Art in the Park artist William M. Hudson is currently exhibiting at Harrow Arts Centre in his new exhibition #drawingoftheweek.

William Hudson spent the last year working in small sketch books as he travelled around London, England, Galicia in Spain and Scotland, using various modes of transport from London bus/tube, train, sleeper train, canal boat and plane. These drawings were a way to let his mind wonder. Free-drawing for him is a form of contemplating and mediating, sometimes as a way to escape the busy commute, other times to rejoice in the pleasure of travelling.

William worked in seven sketch books, producing 210 drawing. 52 drawings were picked as #drawingoftheweek and posted on twitter and facebook. In this show he will be exhibiting prints and sculpture works inspired by the 52 drawings.

The parameters he set for the #drawingoftheweek project were:

  • Post one drawing every week of a year on Twitter and Facebook.
  • Once a drawing has been started, it must be finished.
  • Record and date where the drawing was started and finished.
  • Start each drawing by trying to blank out everything around me and see what marks are first to be made.
  • Don’t have any preconceived ideas of how to finish a drawing; just keep drawing, until it feels finished.

This exhibition will run until Sunday June 2nd. Find out more about this exhibition here.
See more of William M. Hudson’s work and #drawingoftheweeks here.