Bridge to Nowhere – Burgess Park Reflecting Back in Time

Burgess Park was once homes, factories, shops, schools and a working canal called the Grand Surrey Canal. Our project “Burgess Park: Bridge to Nowhere” was named after a bridge still standing in the park and we
would like to invite any local children 8 years and up to take part on a mapping journey of Burgess Park.

• Create your own view of Burgess Park and learn new skills in ceramics, glass, printing and brick making to reflect the materials used by the many trades, factories and shops based here
• Make an installation of your work with Art in the Park for the Burgess Park underpass and leave your imprint

There are limited places for children 8 years and up!
Tues 6th August 2 – 4pm
Wed 7th August 2 – 4pm
Tues 13th August 2 – 4pm

If you are a young person who plays in the park, or are on a play scheme – come and take part in these fantastic free workshops with ART in the PARK

Please email Art in the Park: or Friends of Burgess Park: if you would like to take part.

a bridge to nowhere