Prince Lee Boo


Florence Goodhand-Tait has been running a series of session on the subject of Prince Lee Boo at Cavendish school. The sessions have been working with 2 groups of 6 students from Cavendish school exploring the story of Prince Lee Boo, one of the first people from the Pacific Islands to visit Great Britain.

Wilson was in command packet ship Antelope, when it shipwrecked off Ulong Island, in Palau in 1783. The painter Arthur William Devis was also a passenger. With the assistance of Islanders, Wilson and his crew used boards from the wrecked ship and new materials, to built the Oroolong, in which they returned to England, Wilson brought back to England 16-year-old  Prince Lee Boo, whose tomb is in St Mary’s Churchyard, Rotherhithe. 

We have been exploring this story through four sessions with the school in which we have done activities to try to empathise with the young prince and understand how me must have felt including creating timelines of the story; visiting Prince Lee Boo’s tomb and St Mary’s Church and talking to Father Micheal about the story and the church; creating ink drawings in the style of artist, John Pule; and creating designs for offerings that young people would like to leave at the church similar to the small Palauan style house which was left their by the wife of the ambassador of Palau.

The young people’s teacher, Patricia said, “Not one of those kids had visited a historical church before. Now that they have been there they will have learned to respect it and would be less likely to deface or graffiti on a place like that. They probably wouldn’t have visited it if not for this project. I would love to work with Art in the Park again and finish the project as I feel like we have only just started.”

Sprucing up the studio!


Art in the Park was lucky to have 16 volunteers from Discovery Channel who came to the studio recently for one of their Impact days. They spruced up our education space, painting the walls and floor, making it perfect for our open studio. They also helped to initiate a new partition in our technical studio which will help in our future plans to reconfigure the space. Artists Andrea and Florence and trustee Lenique worked with the volunteers and an enjoyable time was had by all.








Christmas Creations


Our Christmas Creations workshops have been a huge success! Take a peek below at some of the merry, festive decorations and doodads we’ve been crafting. And don’t forget to join us for our final session, on Tuesday December 13th!






For Brian


Our long-term volunteer and dear friend, Brian Quinn sadly passed away in September. Bill Hudson has written a few words in remembrance.

Brian has worked with me on every sort of art project, from my own sculpture/art work, to major public commissions, to carpentry jobs, on every level of the project from brainstorming ideas and solutions to problems, to the installation, for the last sixteen year or more.

I have lost count of the times I have been working and look up when Brian has wandered in with a smile and a twinkle in his eye and I would ask, “What are you up to?”. “Nothing” would be the answer. But you know something was being sorted, something would have been arranged or planned, all the time to benefit The Heart Garden, Art in the Park or me.

Brian and Bill

How would I describe him…

A gentleman with a pinch of rascal.

He was someone that would try new things for example when in the heart garden they made nettle soup.
He changed old habits, trying new things like herbal teas.
Sometimes he may not have like them, but he had tried them.
This is something I admired about him.

His garlic butter is a classic example, when asked how many cloves of garlic he had put in, he looked at me with astonishment and said cloves there are three large bulbs of garlic in this garlic butter. (It was very strong, but very enjoyable)

I will miss our chats about life and making art. He was passionate about his family, friends and his working life (his many jobs as a young man) and his caretaker career, we talked about them often.

The times I would get told off – “are you allergic to bic blue?” was his classic, if I had not shaven that day.
Also, the time when I should been more of a gentleman, when walking with Ana and she was closest to the road as we walked along the pavement. “A gentleman place”, I was reminded, “is to be between the road and the lady in case of an accident, or in case of being splashed by rainwater from the puddles on the road.”.

I have so many memories of Brian and I am very grateful of meeting him and spending time with him –  we laughed a lot.

I miss him.


Pottery Class Creations

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Some of the wonderful creations made in Nam Tram’s adult pottery classes!






Feeling inspired? Get making! Every Friday and Saturday in the studio.

Cycling Choir Map – Find Your London

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Place To Remember

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We’re delighted to have received Heritage Lottery Funding for our Place To Remember project. The project will explore the heritage of four local buildings in Camberwell and Walworth, through oral histories, archive material, walks, talks and art workshops.

Book for our free Oral History and Digital Recording training on Friday 12th and Friday 19th June from 12-5pm at English Martyrs Hall. Register at and for our fabulous From Martyrs to Modernism Talk and Walk on Tuesday 14th July with Stephen Humhrey and Anna Ludwig, from 1-4.30pm.

JPG Place to Remember

Portable Exhibition!


Art in the Park artists Bill Hudson, Nam Tran and Andrea Sinclair are currently taking part in a portable(!) exhibition – taking a boat trip on the East End canals. And then it’s coming to Art in the Park – not by boat! – next weekend, where we will also be running a series of workshops. Hope you can make it!



A few pics from the Private View on Thursday…







Some photos from our recent Barcelona trip!! And see more about why we were there…!







Our Exhibition in Sant Boi, Barcelona

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Some photos from our Andrea Sinclair and William Hudon’s recent exhibition in Sant Boi in Barcelona. Find out more about the exhibition and their artworks here!

Artwork from Sant Boi Exhibition

Artwork from Sant Boi Exhibition

Artwork from Sant Boi Exhibition

Artwork from Sant Boi Exhibition

Artwork from Sant Boi Exhibition

Artwork from Sant Boi Exhibition

Artwork from Sant Boi Exhibition

And here is Jenny’s poem, which Andrea’s artwork was based upon –

Imperfect Pearl

The last sorcerers

with earth air fire and water

sought to understand

the nature of life

blood phlegm black and yellow bile

four temperaments

humours to balance

through their waxing and waning

seasons of disease

heart liver spleen brain

spring summer autumn winter

how warm moist cold dry

sanguine choleric

melancholic phlegmatic

how hungry for change

feed them bleed them purge

make them take herbs drink potions

catch tears of a deer

the last sorcerers

understood that the four were

just the beginning