Bill’s Woodcarving Classes


Bill’s successful woodcarving workshop has produced many amazing wooden sculptures and carvings, even from those who are complete beginners to the wonders of woodcarving. But this course is not just for beginners, all experience levels are welcome. Experienced woodcarvers attend using the space and resources provided to produce their own works. They also get the support and expertise of Bill which is invaluable in fulfilling their ideas. Bill’s tutoring helps attendees to develop new skills as well as help refine any they may already have.

The course takes place over the space of five weeks, one day each week, between 6pm and 9pm. The course is £140 per person for the entire duration of the course, which includes the tutoring, the tools and the materials provided. The course is run at the Art in the Park studio.

This workshop is currently on hiatus, however the workshops will resume again soon, the first date being Wednesday the 23rd of July, and then running through the summer. Be sure to check the course page in case of any changes, or contact Bill through the information given there.IMG_3357 IMG_3353 IMG_3311

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