Below you can find a list of many of our past projects, workshops and events. More photos and information about these projects on their way soon..!

Archive of Projects


  • Life drawing workshops
  • Gallery trips, outings and zoom sessions about galleries
  • Portrait drawing session with Claudio Giuseppe
  • Online Patterns in Nature and Art: Mono printing
  • Patterns in Nature and Art with Roots and Shoots
  • Sleeping Beauty Art Workshop
  • Acrobatic Life Drawing with Andrew Crayford
  • Dog ArtEvent in Elephant Park
  • Stick Drawing at creative Garden Outdoor Art Exhibition
  • Creative Garden Exhibition Micro-Salad Session
  • Tours of the creative Garden Outdoor Art Exhibition at Art in the Park
  • Prince Lee Boo: Heritage explored through Art
  • Prince Lee Boo of Palau and Rotherhithe
  • Art in the Park Plant Swap and Micro-salad Session
  • Outdoor Art session with Elephant Park
  • Free trip to House of Dreams
  • The First Breadfruit Tree: Art Workshop for Children and Young People
  • Three Little Pigs Art Workshop with Elephant and Castle Community Hub
  • Rapunzel Art Workshop with Elephant and Castle Community Hub
  • Art Workshop Inspired by Palauan Dancing for children and Young People
  • Workshop Inspired by Pacific Artist John Pule  for Children and Young People
  • Red Riding Hood Children’s Workshop with Elephant and Castle Community Hub
  • Persephone and The Coming of Spring children Workshop with Elephant and Castle Community Hub
  • Introduction to Prince Lee Boo: Art Workshop for Children and Young People
  • Yorkshire Sculpture Park Art Session for children and Young People
  • Sculpture Stories: The Headless Woman or Psyche Abandoned
  • William Blake Art Workshop for Children and Young People
  • Play Well Art Workshop for Children and Young People
  • Picasso Style Portrait Workshop For Children and Young People
  • Elephant Park Sessions: Dancing Couple Life Drawing
  • Frank Bowling Inspired Art Workshop
  • Persephone: The story of Spring
  • Yoga inspired Life Drawing
  • Art in The Park Plant Club
  • Elephant Park sessions: Movement Life drawing
  • Beauty and the Beast
  • Linkage Southwark Dementia Group Project


  • Open Studios
  • Plants of Burgess Park
  • Free Trip to White cube Gallery and Tate Modern
  • Burgess Park Drawing Club
  • Zeppelin 1917 Exhibition and Workshop
  • Community Green
  • Place to Remember
  • Prince Lee Boo at Canvendish.


  • Marking Places
  • Walworth Road Festival
  • Sprucing Up the Studio
  • Wreath Making
  • Prince Lee Boo at Rose Court
  • Zeppelin 1917 Wallpaper Making Workshop Giraffe House
  • Pembroke House Celebrations
  • Copper Embossing Plant Labels at Glengall Gardens


  • Art in the garden Rose Court Project
  • Mosaic Planters and sign for Caledonian Park, Islington


The Curious Parade


  • The Elephant and Nun Festival
  • Making Ceramic Tiles with the Heart Garden
  • Bexley Danson Festival
  • Art Extravaganza
  • The Big Draw
  • Painted School Planters
  • Burgess Park May Fair
  • Fire Etching Workshop
  • Wood Carving Workshop

Park Life Tiles


May Fair Swans


  • Burgess Park Playground Open Day
  • Poole’s Park School Artwork
  • SLA Southwark Park
  • Stewart’s Road Garden
  • Burgess Park Mosaics


  • Bench Branding at Norfield House
  • Sladwgreen School Benches
  • Tower of London Benches

Wooden Bench


  • Bench for Eden at St. Paul’s
  • Swans and Fish
  • Bonfire Night in Burgess Park



  • Burgess Park Drawing Club
  • Prince Lee Boo exhibition at Rose Court
  • Pumpkin Carving


  • Three Significant Places


Glengall Wharf Signs


  • The Curious Parade
  • Plant Dipping Workshop
  • Wall Hanging for Poplar Care Day Centre
  • Sow the Seeds at Morely College
  • Heart Garden Ceramic Bells
  • Wooden School Play Area
  • Park Planters and Bench
  • Localise! Project

The Big Draw Flock Project


Paediatric Ward Artwork


  • Footscray Mosaic Workshop
  • Bexley Groundwork Benches
  • Walworth Academy Mosaic
  • Hearts and Minds Boardgame
  • Newpin Animal Installation
  • Shed at Southwark Arts Forum
  • Saint Joseph School Artwork
  • Saint Pauls Model
  • Summer University
  • Young People’s Sculpture Workshop



  • Hotham School Furniture
  • Thames Festival
  • Scultpure for Surrey Square Primary

Birds and Fish