Art In The Park art sessions at Roots and Shoots School

Funded by the Arts Council England.                Artist: Jane Higginbottom

subject : Pollination.


Project Outline

Session 1

We will look at some images of pollinators and then try and find some ourselves in the Roots and Shoots garden and photograph them.

We will all have a go at drawing at least one pollinator or making a collage with cut out images of them.

Session 2

We will look at the type of plants that the pollinators are visiting and photograph them.

We will make some drawings and collages of flowers from the Roots and Shoots garden.

Session 3

We will bring together the work from the first two sessions and make a joint collage in sections that can be joined together to make a big drawing for display.

Note – Open University are running an online pollinator challenge and we can add our findings to their survey as part of this project.