Hello and goodbye


This is a kind of introduction and farewell post at the same time as I never really said hello. I’ve been doing work experience at Art in the Park this week, so have been helping to manage and create various posts for this blog, trying to help publicise the great work that the artists do here. All the posts this week have been written by me, though there are fewer than intended due to my ill health keeping me from the studio for part of the week. I sat in on the workshops on Monday and wrote the posts about them from watching what was going on, which is why there is young man in a bowler hat in a couple of the photos. It has been an interesting experience working with the creative minds here, though their art differs to the kind I create (I write stories and poetry). My name is Rowan Appleton-Wickens, I’m a 17 year-old amateur author from Herne Hill and it’s been a pleasure.

Elephant and Nun Festival


Saturday the 16th August looks to be an exciting day for Burgess Park, with the annual Elephant and Nun festival returning to the park for a day of summer celebration with various stalls and live music. Art in the Park and Put It On The Map will be putting on a stand as part of the project that the 4 Corners group are working on currently. Make sure to come and visit the stand if you make it to the festival! The stand itself will link to an exhibition at Art in the Park which will feature work by some of the veteran resident artists.

elephant and nun old images of area.

Pictures of the area reproduced from the Southwark Local History Library and Archive

Bill’s Woodcarving Classes


Bill’s successful woodcarving workshop has produced many amazing wooden sculptures and carvings, even from those who are complete beginners to the wonders of woodcarving. But this course is not just for beginners, all experience levels are welcome. Experienced woodcarvers attend using the space and resources provided to produce their own works. They also get the support and expertise of Bill which is invaluable in fulfilling their ideas. Bill’s tutoring helps attendees to develop new skills as well as help refine any they may already have.

The course takes place over the space of five weeks, one day each week, between 6pm and 9pm. The course is £140 per person for the entire duration of the course, which includes the tutoring, the tools and the materials provided. The course is run at the Art in the Park studio.

This workshop is currently on hiatus, however the workshops will resume again soon, the first date being Wednesday the 23rd of July, and then running through the summer. Be sure to check the course page in case of any changes, or contact Bill through the information given there.IMG_3357 IMG_3353 IMG_3311

Still Life with the Friday drawing class


The Friday evening drawing class works on drawing still life in the pictures below. The class is taught by Simon Veis and is suitable for all levels of experience. Run in the cosy setting of the Art in the Park studio, the drawing class is a great way to develop new skills as well as meet other artistically minded people. The course is not restricted exclusively to still life as there are occasional sessions where the work of other artists will be discussed, along with occasional life drawing sessions. The course fee is £10 per session, but have a look at the course page as there are some great offers when booking multiple sessions, or referring friends. More details on the course, such as times, can also found on the course page. Please note that next week, Friday the 18th July, will be the last session of the term, but the course will resume again in September. Keep an eye on the course page for details of the date that next term will start.

WP_20140620_001 WP_20140627_001 WP_20140627_003


Four Corners group’s project


A new project by the Four Corners Art Group began yesterday, working towards an exhibition at the Elephant and Nun festival on Saturday 16th of August. The group started by looking at a variety of old pictures of the area around Elephant and Castle, with one even dating back to the 18th century! Pictures included those of the old Trocadero Cinema, as well as the Baldwin’s Shop. Over cake, there was discussion about the history of the area, with some members remembering the times at which the pictures were taken. After much deliberation, pictures were selected from those provided, with each person approaching the production of a piece of artwork in a different way. The project looks to be an interesting one.

photo 3 photo 2

The previous project completed by the Four Corners group.

photo 5


Upcoming workshop with Thomson-Reuters


On July 21st Art in the Park studios will host a large work group from Thomson Reuters solicitors group, who have recently moved into new offices at Blackfriars. The morning session brief was to provide a corporate social event that enabled employees to get to know each other. In consultation with Cally and Sophie, Art in the Park are offering an activity whereby each employee will design and print their own reusuable cotton bag. No more throw-away plastic bags! An element of social responsibility was part of the brief. There will also be an introduction to the history and activities of Art in the Park, a small charity local to the new offices. The equipment we will use and some examples from previous groups are shown below.

silk screen equipment silk screen bags